Joint Patrol
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Joint Patrol doesn't have any concerts booked at the moment. Please check back later.
Joint Patrol's music offers a fresh and timeless excitement alongside the current mainstream. Here and there you can find distant echoes of famous melodic progressive rock classics. The songs are sketching kaleidoscope-like images of life, the findings of a casual observer from everyday moments, and always a ray of sunshine peeks out behind heavy clouds. It's music that makes you feel good. Joint Patrol's compositions are typically enjoyably vivid, surprising with timings and carefully designed soundscapes so that there is enough to listen to until the last notes. It's music that paints pictures of your emotional landscape. Joint Patrol - Expressive Perspective to Progressive Rock! We have five members in our group pq sings and plays guitar, Walde plays guitar, Fressu plays keyboards, Ile plays drums and Mara plays bass. Fressu sings also background vocals.
Ilkka / Tapio / / / Markku
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