Dirtey Classy
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Dirtey Classy doesn't have any concerts booked at the moment. Please check back later.
With loud riffs, Dirtey Classy rises from their basement studio in a funeral home in Amsterdam. Dirtey Classy is a formation of four young musicians who combine old rocky grooves with modern influences. This energetic rockband gets everyone's feet off the floor. Although the band is contemporary, their music has a lot of resemblance to music from the 60's and 70's. Their music ranges from softer, blues rock to rock and roll and heavier rock: something for everyone to enjoy. They write songs about anything foolish to more serious themes. The three guitarists of Dirtey Classy switch around the bass, which makes for creative and different grooves. With their sharp and thick sounds, and their catchy tunes, Dirtey Classy drags you into their jumpy, energetic atmosphere.
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