International final
The high point of the Emergenza Season is about to happen.
Once again, like in the past 23 years, we are guests at the beautiful Taubertal Festival with our International Final.
The best 8 bands from all over the world are going to play on the amazing Sounds for Nature stage, hoping to win the final prize: a gig on the Main Stage on Sunday and an EP production in a wonderful studio in Italy.
Here is all the information about this year's participants at the International Final.
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2023 LINE-UP
The Rock Boy (FR)
Afternoon Astronauts (FI)
Grell (D)
Indra (IT)
Oscar Kusko (SE)
Catch The Fox (NO)
Wojtek (DK)
TRAinnovation (JP)
Award Ceremony
Winner show 2023
Band presentations
FRIDAY 15:00
'The Rock Boy' is a high intensity rock-band from Paris, France. The band has 4 members: Jérémie Vagnard, singer and lead guitarist, founder of the crew - Eliott Coulpier, 2nd guitar - Victor De Badts, bass player and Prosper Duffours at the drums. Since September 2022, 'The Rock Boy' play shows in the capital of France to build-up their identity and their community. The 1st of December 2022 has been released their first album 'OVER THE EDGE', an independent opus of 8 songs. In thirst of adventure and to grow-up, Jeremie aka Rock Boy signed-up to the Emergenza contest to challenge his project. One thing led to another, 'The Rock Boy' arrived in first position of the 3 steps of the contest and won the Emergenza France festival. Today, the band is very grateful and excited to play at the Taubertal Festival for the world-final. Rumors say that a new-single is going to be released during the festival this summer and a new EP should arrived in September 2023 ... We can't wait to see where this story's going but we swear that something huge is going-on with those guys so ... Let's just meet the beasts!
FRIDAY 17:05
Emerging from the ashes of the pandemic, now rising up and causing mayhem in the Helsinki underground. Hard rock at its rawest form, always played and performed with a big smile on our faces. Afternoon Astronauts consists of four colourful personalities Jere in the bass and backing vocals, Cassu behind his drums, guitarist Jokke and the lead singer and guitarist Iba. Each with different backgrounds, united by the great rock ’n’ roll to create something special. This music, it guides us to find the good in things not so good, and now we’d like to share it with the world. Cheers bruv! ig: afternoonastronauts, fb: afternoonastronautsofficial
FRIDAY 19:05
GRELL is as bright as the questions we ask ourselves. Who are we? Why are we? And what the hell is going on!? GRELL is the answer you didn't expect if you were thinking with your head instead of feeling with your heart. Because GRELL is music and pure emotions that give space for our questioning, doubting, infuriating, loving and craving words. GRELL is our passion to share our thoughts and feelings with you. To take you on a journey, wrapped in poetic lyrics and carried by a compelling blend of sophisticated alternative rock, breakdowns, melodic rap interludes, and choruses that persistently stay in your mind. We are GRELL, because we create friction in a world that wants to make us gray and powerless. But we shine through it all. We are GRELL for you, we are GRELL for us.
FRIDAY 21:15
Italian-bred singer, songwriter and composer, Indra 1997. She grew up playing the piano, singing and writing songs. The urge of giving life to her own sound pushed her to became a Sound Engineer, she also deepens the studies in Sound Design for music and television at the UCLA LA,US. Composer and producer of her songs, her music is the result of an inner and free-genre sound with a dark and emotive pop, alternative rock and electronic blend. She also loves define her music cinematic with the purpose of telling stories by mixing lyrics and sounds in an unique evocative way. Her first single The Witch has been released on May 2022. The second song Killing Machine comes in January 2023. Both tracks are followed by the corresponding videoclip, the dystopic and dark imagery evoked by the lyrics visually comes to life giving the listener the full vision of the artist. In March 2023 the new song Whales has been released. This new piece pave the way to an emotive and sensitive side of the singer. Indra presents her live project backed with her band, Nømen at the drums, Andrea Zagli at the bass guitar and her as pianist and lead vocalist. Winner of the Italian competition Music Hit Week 2022 curated by the Italian’s music journal Rockol and Francesco Del Maro. She receives a national acknowledgment signed by Italian Trade Agency and Fimi. Thanks to this victory the singer flew with her band to the United Sates to play at the Miami Beach Bandshell FL,US, opening for the Italian’s artists Cosmo and Diodato. During 2023 she takes part to Emergenza Live Music performing with her band in many Italian’s best music clubs. Her project nationally recognized the best wins the competition. Indra will play at Taubertal Festival that will take part in August 2023 in Germany for the world final, performing before internationally renowned artists.
After several years as frontman and songwriter in the indie rock band Future Friends, the Stockholm band whose debut EP Alice 2017 delivered guitar riffs meant for the big arenas together with ear wormy song melodies, Oscar Kusko decided to try his wings as a solo performer. Or well, he is not totally solo. On stage, he is joined by his niece Lumi Biehl on bass guitar, his childhood friend Leo Salomon Ringart on drums, his former Future Friends-bandmate Douglas Börjesson on guitar as well as his sister Freja Isohanni on backing vocals. The debut single Substitute was released in January of 2023 as a collaboration between Oscar Kusko and his old mates from Future Friends. The song has been compared to the likes of The National and Snow Patrol. Whilst the newer songs in Swedish have drawn comparisons to bands like Johnossi, Broder Daniel, Daughter, Manchester Orchestra and Nothing But Thieves as well as solo artists like Sam Fender and James Bay. After winning the final of the Swedish leg of the worlds biggest festival for unsigned artists: Emergenza. In August 2023, Oscar Kusko will be competing in the international final of the competition taking place at the Taubertal Festival in Germany. More releases of his emotional indie poprock are planned for 2023 with lyrics in English as well as Swedish that cover the trials and tribulations of life, from the darkness of mental illness and personal tragedy to the euphoria of falling in love.
Catch the Fox is a new rock band from Oslo starting in December 2021, but has already managed to play several successful concerts between Oslo and Bodø. The band consists of four young men with tremendous creative energy. So far, they have created a handful of varied songs, 3 of which have been recorded in the studio and will be mixed and mastered. These guys create a rocking live atmosphere in any venue and invite the audience along.
Wojtek is a punk infused prog-metal band from Denmark. They bring an unrivalled energy to the stage with their jaw dropping and high energy live shows. With a heavy focus on technique and elaborate music containing anything from epic choruses to complex break downs, Wojtek always make sure that you're either at the very edge of your seat or in the midst of the moshpit.
TRAinnovation (JAPAN)
TRAinnovation is a project that aims to update Japanese music and is composed of creators and artists from various fields, not solely limited to those involved in Japanese instruments. With the goal of hosting large-scale Japanese music festivals, we organize events at various venues, in addition to performing overseas. Our mission is to explore new possibilities of harmony, connecting with the next generation through our original music. It is unparalleled in its unique combination of Japanese instruments, EDM, and outstanding performances.
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